Curriculum Vitae


I’m Joji Vithayathil Johny, a resident of India. Currently living in Bangalore, India. I primarily love to work with IT Infrastructure related services and posses a wealth of experience in Infrastructure Management. Some of the technologies that I interact day-in day-out are: Web & Application Servers, Databases, Build and Release management tools, Cloud Computing and Monitoring services.

I’ve always tried to keep myself up-to-date with technologies and changing trends in IT. To some extent I’ve also trained many IT professional and aspiring individuals who want to be part of this ecosphere. I’m always on the look-out for informaition regarding new and trending technologies and I’d love to hear what you have been working on recently. So if you feel I can contribute or be part of your project, please contact

Here’s a quick summary of my professional experience, in reverse chronological order:

TEK Systems
Period: September ‘2011 - Till Date
Designation: Web System Administrator
Role: Manage and Maintain Web Infrastruture.
Technology Stack: Server & Desktop Virtualization, Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Distributed Computing, Salesforce, etc,.

Logix Microsystems Limited
Period: December ‘2009 - September ‘2011
Designation: Executive System Administrator
Role: Manage and Maintain Web Infrastruture.
Technology Stack: Server Virtualization, Distributed Computing, Messaging and Communications, Web Development, Build and Release Management, Load Balancing, etc,.

SQL Star International Limited
Period: January ‘2007 - December ‘2009
Designation: Consultant - Linux
Role: Provide Consultation on Linux and its related Technologies.
Technology Stack: Windows Servers & Desktops, Linux Servers, Server Virtualization, Networking, SPAM Filtering, Fraud Detection, Bandwidth optimization, etc,.

Kotrike Technologies Private Limited
Period: March ‘2006 - January ‘2007
Designation: System Administrator
Role: Manage and Maintain In-House & Client IT Infrastruture.
Technology Stack: Windows Servers & Desktops, RFID, MS SQL Database, MS Access, etc,.

e-Serve International Limited
Period: June ‘2005 - February ‘2006
Designation: Phone Services Division - Trainee
Role: Manage & Maintain Call-Center IT Infrastructure.
Technology Stack: Windows Servers and Desktops, Avaya Call Management, VOIP, NICE Call Center Recording, etc,.